Camper Vans Create New Career Opportunities in E-Mobility

Accessorizing an electric vehicle (EV) mobile home camper is not as easy as it looks. With new models coming to market in 2023, automobile brands turn to professionals to enhance the interior design and furniture. EV camper enthusiasts have plenty of time to consider how to add personal style to electric powered temporary home vehicles after purchase. Sparking economic expansion, new EV models are creating opportunities for those seeking a career in e-mobility interior design. Let’s look at some classic and futuristic styles for these temporary homes, which brands design to differentiate each masterpiece from rival EV mobile home campers.

VW Buzz

Volkswagen’s VW Buzz is an EV camper, which is an ode to the brands’ classic Bus Camper. With a range of campervans, the company brings consumers the nostalgia associated with the old-school look. Yet, the EVs have an innovative new electric system, which has revolutionized the brand. Psychedelic interior features bring back memories for some and provide all buyers an opportunity to jazz up the interior with accents befitting the owner’s personal taste. Inspired by the classic look with contemporary accents, the VW Buzz’s interior is testament to EV design’s new frontier for interior designers seeking a career in e-mobility.

eSprinter Camper Van

Dedicated van dwellers are turning to the eSprinter van by Mercedes to live on the road. Customization is part of the fun. Do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts seeking a career in e-mobility choose from a wide selection of interior design choices to create beauty within the van to add to its sturdy foundation and engine. Reliable and versatile, the eSprinter is the perfect choice for a camper conversion. Attracting younger generations to the off-grid van life, the eSprinter enhances exploration and adventure for those who want to leave work-life behind for a moment to enjoy mountain views and waterfalls from the comfort of a tiny EV mobile home.

Fiat Ducato EV

Capitalizing on the popularity of the Ducato camper van, Fiat has launched an electric version to appease those living the e-mobile life. Alternative living at its finest, Ducato combines eco-friendly mobility with a spacious interior. The modified van camper’s design is sensible instead of luxurious. Offering plenty of storage and standard trim, the vehicle’s owner may add interior design elements to highlight personal style. By far, the ability to charge 60 miles in 30 minutes is a plus. It’s the overall technical design, including the infotainment system and satellite navigation, which helps FIAT maintain a strong consumer base for the popular Ducato.

EV production is creating a variety of options for those seeking a career in e-mobility. From interior design to van camper conversions, jobs are plentiful in the evolving e-mobile tiny home market. Whether choosing a ready-made EV camper with the design in place or customizing the interior to meet discerning tastes, new EV camper owners are challenging the status quo about what constitutes a beautiful home design.