Create Stunning Wall Decor With Black and White Art

Eye catching and modern looking, but, at the same time, elegant and evergreen: black and white wall art can add more than a touch of class to your home decor. In fact, by decorating one or more walls with the right posters and pictures, you will instantly liven up your rooms and the furniture that you already own.

A Contemporary Color Combination

While the black and colour combination can be used for floors, wall paint and furniture items, such as table and chairs in the kitchen and sofa, chaise longues and lamps in the living room, it’s a fantastic choice even for smaller decorative items. Even if your current interior features only plain or pastel colours, black and white will create a “focal point”, adding light to the walls. Your colour scheme will get a more defined, structured and visually impactful look.

How To Choose the Best Wall Art

First of all, identify where you are going to place your new black and white art: it’s best to choose a wall that it’s painted in a plain colour, such as the gorgeous industrial grey or taupe tones, which are some of the most trendiest colours around. Then, choose a theme for your posters. There are many options: realistic pictures, vintage style photos, stunning portraits or animal themed images and dreamy landscapes. You can even opt for a concept focused on abstract designs and geometric shapes.

The beauty of black and white it’s that it will be fairly easy to combine the posters, as the colour scheme is the same for all the pictures. You can choose three or four posters of the same size, and hang them, evenly spaced, just above the sofa, for a modern and impactful look. Another option is a fairly big central image and then smaller images hanged above and around it, to create an harmonious ensemble.

The Right Atmosphere

Your new monochrome inspired art will look even better if you place some small accent spotlights featuring warm white light bulbs, just underneath the pictures. For the frames, choose the same style of frames, which can be bold or thin, textured or plain. In fact, the beauty of black and wall art is that it gives a lot of freedom in terms of colour combination. If you are going for a sleek and elegant looking wall, choose the frames that are in the same colour of the wall paint, but in a slightly darker tone.