How Plant-Care Apps Are Shaping the Growing of Houseplants

In the last decade, smart technology and innovation have taken over the gardening niche. Tech innovators and startups are leveraging technology to help gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts to keep their plants alive effortlessly. There are smart irrigation systems, robotic lawnmowers, and many other products that are making life easier.

One of the best innovations so far is plant-care apps which offer interior designers great convenience and control of their indoor plants. In this round-up, discover some of the best features of the plant-care apps found on Google Playstore and Apple store.

Setting Reminders and Schedule

Everyone knows that the biggest challenge in growing houseplants is forgetting to tend to the garden or plants, for that matter. Fortunately, we have apps that have been designed to remind DIY enthusiasts when they should water their garden, lawn the yard, fertilizing, misting, etc. Some advanced apps have features for creating individual care schedules depending on the plants, tracking their growth, and even add notes and observations of the plants’ development.


For gardening enthusiasts, knowledge of the different species and how to take care of them is essential. Today, we have plenty of plant-care mobile apps, such as Getplanta, which have huge databases that enable the app to identify different plant species. If you are not sure what species you are looking at, this app will come in handy. Besides plant identification, this app will provide detailed guides on how to take care of the plant. The plant database also adds care tips automatically, making all scheduling work easier.

Plant Monitoring

Plant-care apps use sophisticated systems to deliver accurate plant monitoring, thus enhancing growth and well-being. They analyze all important factors, such as plant type, location, current season, site temperature, humidity, and light conditions, to recommend what you need to do for the plant to thrive. Interestingly, some use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer plant diagnosis.

While they may not have been popular, plant care apps will be an integral part of interior designers who want to blend in some cool houseplants without gardening knowledge. These apps are like real-world assistants.